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Humanities Hackathon short course

The Center for the Humanities and WID offered a summer week-long course offering hands-on training on computational techniques in the humanities titled, “Humanities Hackathon: Computational Approaches to Cultural Analysis and Visualization.”

When: July 23-27, 2012

The course augmented the close analysis provided by more traditional humanities scholarship with advanced computational techniques, or what Franco Moretti and others have called “distant reading.” By applying techniques widely used across the sciences, such as computational modeling, quantitative analysis, network mapping and more, humanists are discovering unexpected connections and intriguing patterns in music, visual art, literature and historical works, opening up new realms for analysis, criticism and understanding.

In this one-week course, participants learned techniques from machine learning, network theory, topic modeling, advanced visualization and sound processing. They also gained a basic familiarity with software and data analysis to be able to continue using these techniques as part of their research and study.

Event resources, via Center for the Humanities

Humanities Hackathon preview (video)