HzX Exchanges convene select leaders from increasingly interrelated disciplines and industries to shape an emerging area of the 21st century.

Leaders from organizations including Deloitte, Y-Combinator, and the MacArthur Foundation find Hybrid Zone X Exchanges "intellectually broadening," "profoundly relevant," and "amazingly generative.”

VIDEO: Elizabeth Iorns, CEO of Science Exchange, describes the value of Hybrid Zone X.

"Hybrid Zone X trusts its participants to be their best. They get the right people in the room and give them a format to do something of substance. I had three tangible things come out of eight hours, which is unheard of: professional connections in a parallel industry; an investment opportunity that I hope contributes to our cause to change the world through play; and an offer to host a pilot in San Francisco."

"The thing I found most valuable and striking about Hybrid Zone X was the opportunity to engage with a bunch of folks from very different backgrounds who brought constructively skeptical eyes to things I take for granted. It's rare to have such a rich and sustained conversation."

HzX Leadership

  • Carrie Pagliarini

    Carrie Pagliarini

    Director, Hybrid Zone X, WID

    • cpagliarini@discovery.wisc.edu
    • 608-316-4405
  • David Krakauer

    David Krakauer

    Director, WID, Professor of Genetics, Co-Director

    • director@discovery.wisc.edu
    • 608-316-4339