Hybrid Zone X

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Hybrid Zone X (HzX) is a creative, connective and constructive exchange at the interface of research and entrepreneurship.

Today’s most compelling ideas are likely to emerge from people that are:

* independent, yet connective
* playful, yet rigorous
* curious, yet productive
HzX seeds compelling ideas by convening such people. They live with an openness to experience and engage the world by observing, questioning and experimenting. They shape the 21st century through their creative productivity, as technologists, entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, writers, government leaders, and growth-stage CEOs.
The theme for each of our bi-annual HzX Exchanges keys off of the latest work in one of WID’s eight research areas. We then cast an unconventionally wide net to include a rich variety of otherwise disparate thinking styles and areas of expertise. We invite a handful of leading academics representing diverse fields of study to guide an interactive exchange between about 50 selected contributors from increasingly interrelated fields. The day-long exploration results in a collectively authored publication highlighting linkages, complexities, societal ramifications and opportunities of the theme.

Please contact Carrie Pagliarini for more.

Upcoming events

November 6, 2014, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm