Hybrid Zone X

Hybrid Zone X


Hybrid Zone X (HzX) is both a community and an exploratory creative program.

HzX is rooted in the understanding that discovery is a process of combining ideas, and that these ideas are most likely to emerge from a mind that is curious, open to possibility and consistently exposed to a variety of experiences.

Both the people we attract and the programs we develop reflect a comfort with contrasts and share these values:

  • independent, yet connective
  • playful, yet rigorous
  • curious, yet productive


Our HzX explorations are held a few times each year.
Our Creative Formula: Identify “X”s – concepts rooted in the high-end science happening at WID with societal and business implications. We then treat these variables as launchpads for exploration, convening specialists spanning the widest possible spectrum of disciplines to seed our discussions.
Our most recent eXploration centered on life and death, exploring the ways in which a company, like an organism, has a metabolism. Our eXploration integrated studies of metabolism, mindfulness and evolutionary theory to find connections between the life and death of the office, of the universe, of a person, of creativity, and of companies.

Our Output: New areas of research and collaborations that wouldn’t have happened outside of WID’s unconstrained environment as well as sharable insights to shape the global community.

Upcoming eXplorations in 2014: August 21, November 6th


For questions about Hybrid Zone X, contact Carrie Pagliarini.