Hybrid Zone X

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Hybrid Zone X (HzX) is a creative exchange that yields unconventional collaborations at the interface of research and business.

True to the WID’s transdisciplinary culture, HzX Exchanges convene business executives, scientists, technologists and trailblazers from increasingly interrelated disciplines and industries in the Midwest.

Each of our one-day HzX Exchanges (held twice yearly in November and May) explores a relevant theme shaping the 21st century and impacting the marketplace in the coming years. We seed the refreshingly interactive dialogue with novel research from the Midwest’s preeminent research universities. The HzX Exchange results in professional connections, collaborations and a collectively authored publication.

See here for a recap of a past Exchange that explored parallels between the metabolism of an organism and the metabolism of an organization. Executives from organizations including Johnson Controls, John Deere Worldwide and the MacArthur Foundation refer to their time at previous Exchanges as “outstanding”, “impressive”, “the most relevant event I attended all year.”

We relaunch the HzX site in the coming weeks. Please check back in and contact Carrie Pagliarini for anything related to our November Exchange.

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