Gong Lab

Gong Lab

Lab leader: Shaoqin “Sarah” Gong

Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Shaoqin "Sarah" Gong

Research Goals

Gong’s research group focuses on the design, synthesis/fabrication and characterization of novel materials and medical devices. Many of our ongoing projects are multidisciplinary, bridging engineering with materials science, chemistry and the life sciences. Some of our ongoing areas of study include:

  • Multifunctional nanocarriers (e.g., unimolecular micelles, polymer vesicles, functionalized inorganic nanoparticles) for the combined delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents for targeted cancer therapy and diagnosis
  • Photopolymerizable macromers as tissue engineering scaffold materials
  • Biosensors (especially electrochemical biosensors) made of nanomaterials for the detection of various biomolecules including antigens, DNA, glucose and urea
  • Unique hydrogels and hydrogel/nanosphere composites as a coating for implantable biosensors
  • Functional polymer nanocomposites for various types of devices including light and electrical-field stimulated actuators
  • Microcellular injection-molded biobased plastics and composites

Current lab members