Turng Lab

Turng Lab

Theme leader of BIONATES: Lih-Sheng “Tom” Turng
Professor of Mechanical Engineering Tom Turng

Research Goals

Turng leads an interdisciplinary team to develop innovative tissue engineering scaffolds that restore, maintain or improve the function of diseased or damaged human tissues.



Current lab members

  • Xin Jing

    Xin Jing

    Graduate Student, BIONATES

    • xjing3@wisc.edu
  • Zhikui Ma

    Zhikui Ma

    Graduate Student, BIONATES

    • zma49@wisc.edu
  • Jason McNulty

    Jason McNulty

    Graduate Student, BIONATES

    • jdmcnulty@discovery.wisc.edu
  • Jun Peng

    Jun Peng

    Graduate Student, BIONATES

    • jpeng4@wisc.edu
  • Yiyan Peng

    Yiyan Peng

    Assistant Scientist, BIONATES

    • yiyanpeng@wisc.edu
  • Megan Sabatke

    Safety Representative, BIONATES

    • msabatke@wisc.edu
  • Tong Wu

    Tong Wu

    Graduate Student, BIONATES

    • twu83@wisc.edu
  • Baiping Xu

    Professor, BIONATES

    • xubaiping2003@163.com
  • Emily Yu

    Emily Yu

    Graduate Student, BIONATES

    • eyu3@wisc.edu
  • Peng Zhao

    Peng Zhao

    Associate Professor, BIONATES

    • pzhao36@wisc.edu