Distinguished Scholars @ Discovery

The Institute invites talented minds from outside academia to bring fresh perspectives to its core mission and values.

Scholars explore connections and collaborations at WID, helping the Institute approach big ideas from several vantage points.

Anne Strainchamps and Steve Paulson from To the Best of Our Knowledge, focus on new ways to communicate science, culture and ideas.


WID director partners with distinguished scholar in radio segment to explore new directions in science (audio)

Distinguished Scholars spring 2013 event: The Art of Conversation

WID adds CBS and WPR distinguished scholars to collaborative environment (story)

Travel tips from the pro: Peter Greenberg tells you what you need to know (story)

Counterfactual Campus: Gamification — education meets play (video)

Counterfactual Campus: Peter Greenberg and the future of communication (video)


For questions about the Distinguished Scholars program, contact Nolan Lendved.