Mission and Values

Insight. Amplified.

WID side of Discovery BuildingWe are a transdisciplinary research institute at the University of Wisconsin–Madison exploring information across multiple disciplines.

By selecting a handful of unconventional research areas and programs led by researchers and creative minds with shared objectives, we construct networks to spark synergy and discoveries among our diverse community — whether it’s video games developers creating games with neuroscientists, dancers conveying science through motion, humanists hacking literary texts, business professionals exchanging insights with researchers or cartoonists exploring the roots of creativity across disciplines.

Our Mission

GLBRC-biofuel-webThe mission of WID is to enhance human health and welfare by facilitating interdisciplinary research spanning biotechnology, nanotechnology and information technologies.

We do this through advancing theoretical, applied and laboratory research in distributed, information-rich systems. We seek out the connections among fields in order to benefit from collective knowledge and exploit advances in computing and data storage to transform approaches to experimentation.

We are committed to fostering new ideas and unlikely collaborations. Through our partnerships, both public and private, we push our discoveries beyond the boundaries of the university and draw on the brightest minds to improve people’s lives around the world.

Our Values

Our community asks big questions, with people exposing themselves to styles of thinking outside their own to move toward new knowledge and discoveries.

Through our research and programs, we create new exchanges for collaboration to happen among people who might be tackling the same problem, but using a different disciplinary language.

We tinker with transdisciplinary projects and ideas beyond the lab by refining prototypes and programs through trial, error, risk and failure.

We scrutinize the process of research and our products, ensuring we’re hitting findings and ideas of lasting value.

Our community draws on the most efficient styles for solving problems and sharing our work, then harnesses computation and other tools to spread and accelerate these ideas.