Akbar Hasanzadeh

Akbar Hasanzadeh headshot

  • Graduate Student

Developing novel nanostructures for gene/drug delivery

Nan (Yifang) Jiang

  • Graduate Student

Functions of human coronaviruses defective genomes on the range and severity of diseases.

Jeremy Johnson

  • Graduate Student

I am interested in the cross-section of algebraic geometry and data science.

Woojin Kim

Woojin Kim Headshot

  • Graduate Student

Construction of strong convex relaxation in integer optimization problem arising in machine learning

Nathan Kolbow

Nathan Kolbow headshot

  • Graduate Student

Statistical methods for constructing phylogenetic trees and networks.

Anna Konstant

Anna Konstant headshot

  • Graduate Student

Improving the physical ergonomics of manufacturing environments with collaborative robots.

Erika Da-Inn Lee

Erika Lee

  • Graduate Student

Developing computational tools to learn the principles of genome organization

Huanran Li

  • Graduate Student

Matrix Completion and Subspace Clustering with Missing Entry

Hailey Louw

Hailey Louw headshot

  • Graduate Student

Infering phylogenetic trees from viral sequences to estimate ancestral protein sequences

Cheng-Wei Lu

Cheng-Wei Lu headshot

  • Graduate Student

Optimization applications on real-world problems.

Brady Lundin

  • Graduate Student

Creating and utilizing neural tissue engineering platforms for the study of clinical disease.