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Survival of the Sickest: The Surprising Connections between Disease and Longevity

On WID's bookshelf: Survival of the Sickest -- The Surprising Connections between Disease and Longevity

Survival of the Sickest book

Written by Sharon Moalem

Read by Patricia Pointer, Systems Biology theme administrator:

“In this book, the author highlights eight genetic traits associated with illness that some experts are suggesting may have evolved to help people live longer. For example, people who have hemochromatosis (the hereditary disorder that disrupts iron absorption) are more resistant to contracting the plague, which was an advantage in the Middle Ages. Although people lived with a life-long chronic illness, they did not succumb to the black death. Each chapter in the book addresses a different evolutionary anomaly in an easy-to-understand, anecdotal voice. Particularly for a person without extensive science background, this was an easy and interesting read.”

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