Bringing the Stealth Sculpture Project to Life

Stealth Sculpture video transcript

We’ve enlivened our workspace for researchers on the third floor of the Discovery Building, thanks to the help of Lynda Barry.

Barry, who’s a cartoonist, author and Discovery Fellow at WID, curates the “Stealth Sculpture Project” to showcase thought-provoking art pieces that will stop WID’s researchers in their tracks. These rotating works of art come from faculty members and MFA students in the UW-Madison Art Department.

Next to each display, a small card asks: These sculptures are a metaphor for a problem you are trying to solve. What is it?

This video describes how Barry and Tom Loeser, professor and chair of the Department of Art, collaborated to bring the pieces to life.

Video produced by Casimir Panawash-Bielinski and Marianne Spoon


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