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What’s the question?

Discovery Building residents have a new format for tackling life's conundrums: The Question Tree.

question mark on a tag

A bare branched tree and blank tags beckon with questions to be asked.

Do you have an unanswered question? A line of inquiry awaiting investigation? Some problem you’re trying to solve having to do with your field of research?

Occupants are invited to write a question on a tag and tie it to the tree as a part of a project supported by WID faculty and cartoonist Lynda Barry and Image Lab graduate student Angela Richardson.

For example, “Why do signs have meaning?”

It can be as specific as possible without worrying about making the question understandable to the general public.

The questions are collected periodically and re-shared in other forms.

In the meantime, take a look at other’s questions… maybe you know the answers. Or maybe those questions will serve as inspiration for you.

sample questions

What questions are you working on? What problems are you trying to solve?


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