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Which 2013 Discovery Interests You the Most?

Our Tea @ 3 question for the start of 2014 looks back at what discoveries influenced our community in the year 2013.

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The WID community gathers daily at 3 p.m. to take a break, caffeinate and converse. Buzz Tea @ 3 is a monthly series that gathers perspectives on different topics focused on ideas and research. The Institute’s Twitter followers can also chime in by replying to @WIDiscovery, posting on its Facebook page or emailing us.

The year 2013 yielded many insights and discoveries. Which was the most interesting to you?

Responses from Tea

Higgs boson


“That men may actually get more sick than women.”

Oculus rift?”


“Thousands of exoplanets that reside in the ‘Goldilocks Zone.'”

“Progress toward the Twin Prime conjecture.”

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