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WID Picks, sourced from our researchers, share new topics and concepts from the field to keep your brain sharp.

Finding Meaning in Big Data

Discovery fellows Rebecca Willett and Rob Nowak are creating algorithms to make sense of big data and help machines learn.

Genome in hand

CRISPR Democracy: Gene Editing and the Need for Inclusive Deliberation

Assistant Professor and BIONATES theme PI Krishanu Saha along with J. Benjamin Hurlbut, Assistant Professor, Human Dimensions at Arizona State University and Sheila Jasanoff, Professor of Science and Technology at Harvard University co-authored a recent article for Issues in Science and Technology making the case for how far scientists should go in researching and applying CRISPR to editing the human germline.

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Criticality in Biological Systems

In this WID Pick, the Institute’s C4 researchers share the ideas currently driving their work, specifically the concept of criticality in collective behavior.

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When Photographers are Neuroscientists

We’re reading about the work of artists like Elena Dorfman, who blend ideas of perception into one art form. By purposefully exposing her photos to transmit physical impossibilities or contradicting points of view, Dorfman bends the rules on what the eyes see and the brain processes.