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App Awe is a WID essay series exploring the transformative potential at the intersection of gaming, science, education and society.

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App Awe: 2048 Variations on a Theme

How acceptable is copying in order to create new video games? One WID and video game expert weighs in through the Institute’s App Awe editorial series.

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App Awe: LittleBigPlanet

Are video games tools in disguise for players to share their stories and perspectives of the world? That’s the idea behind this App Awe editorial from the Institute’s video games group.

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App Awe: Life as a Game

What can we learn about life from games? WID video game researchers share insight in the editorial series App Awe.

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App Awe: MirrorMoon EP

In WID’s App Awe editorial series, Games+Learning+Society researcher Ryan Martinez explains how perspectives crafted in video games can influence and experience our lives.

App Awe: The Stanley Parable

In video games, there are choices. In life, there are choices. How does one reconcile and draw meaning from trajectories and narratives in games and reality? This question inspired a recent entry in WID’s editorial series App Awe.

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App Awe: Failure by Design

What makes failing in a video game different than in life? In the editorial series App Awe, Dennis Ramirez makes the case for applying concepts of failure in video games to society and education.