Computing Resources

The mission of the Institute’s Core Computational Technology (CCT) group, shared with the Morgridge Institute for Research, is to work with all members of the WID community to address computing needs and ensure that computing is never an obstacle for scientific discovery.

Whether you seek help with High Performance Computing (HPC), High Throughput Computing (HTC) or a place to store your data, the CCT group focuses on listening to you and providing expertise to best facilitate your processing and data needs.

Computing facilitators are committed to work with faculty, staff and students to provide a variety of consulting services to Discovery Building employees and researchers on campus in a variety of project sizes and disciplines — from single PI projects to international collaborations, ranging from genetics to literary studies.

As an active partner with the Advanced Computing Infrastructure (ACI) initiative, WID and CCT are fully integrated into UW-Madison’s computing ecosystem, enabling easy access to campus resources available through the UW Center for High Throughput Computing as well as national resources such as the extensive Open Science Grid. Facilitators also offer services to assist with off-campus collaborations and data sharing needs.
Michelle Craft

Access to this rich and powerful collection of computing resources, on campus and beyond, enables researchers to maximize their computing throughput, accelerating data analysis and research progress.

CCT maintains documentation and resources for research computing in the Discovery KnowledgeBase. Contact Michelle Craft, WID Research IT Coordinator, for any questions or assistance.