WID Events

Hosting WID Events in the Discovery Building

The Discovery Building offers a number of versatile spaces for use by building occupants, including the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. There are, however, strict policies and procedures for reserving space. There are two distinct categories of spaces in the building: those that are managed by WID (conference rooms on the upper floors) and those that are managed by the Town Center (first floor, Orchard View room, and Researchers’ Link). Contact the WID Events Manager with questions.

Reserving WID-managed Spaces

Non-Town Center conference rooms (in Research Spaces, floors 2-4) are available for reservations for WID meetings and events. Request reservations here.

Reserving Town Center spaces

When you need space in the Town Center for WID-related events, follow these guidelines. Town Center spaces include the H.F. DeLuca Forum, Orchard View Room, Researchers’ Link, Teaching LabsBoardroom, Atrium/Open Court, Telepresence, ERC, and first floor Conference Rooms.

  • Review Discovery Occupant Town Center pricing before requesting reservations. Note that occupant pricing is only available for truly WID-related events.
  • Use the Town Center Space Application to request reservations:
    • Choose a descriptive and appropriate event name. This will appear on the Town Center public calendar.
    • For Group, enter “WID – [Theme Name]” (ex: WID – Epigenetics)
    • Select “Discovery Occupant” under Organization Type to ensure occupant pricing. Justify why the event is truly a WID event in the text entry below.
    • Manually enter the room name if you need the Board Room or Researchers’ Link under Additional Requests and Comments.
    • Enter “Please CC WID Events Manager” under Additional Requests and Comments.
    • Indicate whether you need catering. Steenbock’s will reach out to you.
    • NOTE: Steenbock’s catering MUST be used for all food service in Town Center spaces. No outside food service or carry-ins are permitted (including ordering pizza, sandwiches, etc.). Event attendees may bring their own meals.
  • An event coordinator from the Town Center will reach out to confirm the details of your reservation, including room setup, AV needs, attendee counts, etc., and will issue a contract.
    • NOTE: there are additional costs for non-default room setups, additional equipment (tables, chairs, poster boards, etc.), non-standard AV, video recording, and setup changes.
  • When you complete the Town Center request form, complete this WID Event Request Form at the same time: All WID Town Center reservations must be approved by the WID Events Manager or Beth Misco via this form. If the WID Events Manager is not CC’d on the subsequent contract, forward it to him. He will obtain your approval on your contract.
    • NOTE: Beth Misco must sign all Town Center contracts. Nobody else has signature authority. The WID Events Manager will get your approval on issued contracts, have Beth sign, and will return contracts to the Town Center event coordinator.
    • Carefully read the terms of the contract, including cancellation policies.
  • Cancellation: most Town Center contracts have strict cancellation policies. For most, cancellation will still require the group to pay the full amount. If the room was being provided at no cost, the cancellation fee is generally $50. If you need to cancel an event, contact the WID Events Manager immediately.
    • There is generally some flexibility on adjustments to contracts, but little flexibility on cancellations. If you event is tentative but you want to reserve space, contact the WID Events Manager.