Emerging Interfaces Award: Matthew Hora and Self-Feedback for Educators

Matthew Hora, 2012 Emerging Interfaces Award recipient

Evidence suggests that reflecting on feedback regarding one’s performance is a critical feature of high-quality professional practice, particularly for individuals at early stages in their careers. For science faculty in postsecondary institutions, feedback about research activity is readily available in the form of the peer-review process. Yet feedback about teaching is generally limited to end-of-semester student evaluations, which do not provide robust accounts of classroom practice. Thus, a problem facing the field is what types of feedback best facilitate self-reflection?

Using a newly developed methodology to study instructional decision-making and classroom teaching, Hora studied the teaching practices of a graduate student in the department of bacteriology who is participating in the Delta Program in Research, Teaching and Learning. He then provided different types of reports that drew on principles of data visualization to the student and a Delta Program administrator. In this talk, Hora discusses if and how these reports facilitated self-reflection and professional growth for the student, and how improved measures of classroom practice can enhance the national movement to improve the quality of science instruction in our nation’s colleges and universities.