Accessing the Discovery Building for WID events

Attending WID Events Researchers' Link

On the first floor of the Discovery Building

The Town Center on the first floor of the Discovery Building includes the H.F. DeLuca Forum, several breakout conference rooms, a beautiful atrium and the Mesozoic Gardens. In addition, there are two food venues – Aldo’s Café and Steenbock’s on Orchard, on this floor.

If you need assistance while visiting the Town Center, stop by the Welcome Desk near the 330 N. Orchard St. entrance.

In a teaching lab on the second, third or fourth floor of the Discovery Building

The teaching labs can be accessed through the visitor elevator located in the hallway adjacent to Aldo’s Café, near the University Ave. and Orchard St. entrance. If you need assistance finding the visitor elevator, ask at the Welcome Desk.

In the Discovery Building’s research space in the Researchers’ Link or a seminar room

Research areas on the lower level and the upper floors of the Discovery Building are only accessible by people who work in the Building, their guests and registered visitors.

If you are planning to attend an event held in one of these spaces, please contact us and request that you be added to our Visitor Register. Include your full name and the name date of the event. When you arrive at the Discovery Building for the event, check in with staff at the Welcome Desk, who will give you access to the elevator or staircase.