Counterfactual Campus

Counterfactual Campus by Lynda Barry

Exploring solutions to society’s current problems, WID is focusing on a new way of envisioning the future. Embracing “counterfactual thinking” — or the tendency to reflect upon “what if” scenarios, we’re pondering alternative possibilities for research, creativity, education and business.

We gather together leaders, scientists, artists, sci-fi lovers, architects, writers and the public to raise questions about the present state of affairs and provide insights into what is of enduring value and what might potentially result from unorthodox approaches in the future.

We invite you to join in the conversation and imagine What if?


Lynda Barry helps us imagine the future of education (video)

Drawing Jam with Lynda Barry (photos)

Buzz Tea @ 3: What will UW–Madison look like in 100 years?

Counterfactual Campus even round-up (Storify)

An introduction to the Counterfactual Campus (video)

Counterfactual Campus: Scott Page, 2112, and the resilient idea (video)

Counterfactual Campus: University funding of the future (video)

Counterfactual Campus: Gamification — education meets play (video)

Counterfactual Campus: Peter Greenberg and the future of communication (video)

Counterfactual Campus: Lynda Barry on the arts and sciences in 100 years (video)

Elementary visionaries: What will school of the future look like? (photos)


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Past events

October 29-30, 2012