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Presidents Quite photo by Angela Richardson

Image Lab Art Exhibit: Presidential Quilt!

In celebration of the upcoming midterm election on Tuesday, November 4, WID’s Image Lab shares this collection of unfinished quilt pieces by an anonymous artist.1983 Presidential Quilt! Ad

Portraits of the first forty United States Presidents are featured in this ‘Presidential Quilt!’ exhibit.

Whoever made these quilt pieces is likely to have ordered the pattern after seeing an ad like the one on  the right in a local newspaper sometime in the 1980s. Tissue transfer and iron-on needlework patterns for quilts and embrodiery projects were commonly sold via mail order starting in the late 1920s.

Pattern companies employed hundreds of commercial artists to design their patterns, and thus, attribution to a particular artist is rare. We don’t know who designed the ‘Presidential Quilt!’ pattern.

When: Oct. 27 through Nov. 5

Where:  Image Lab, located in the northwest corner of the Discovery Building first floor

Note: The artwork is displayed in the windows of the Image Lab. The lab is only open to the public for special events.

WID’s Image Lab is a flexible, active work space dedicated to real-time creative activity to help encourage a different take on problem-solving. Led by Lynda Barry, discovery fellow, assistant professor and cartoonist, the lab hosts a variety of projects and people, emphasizing a hands-on approach to creating conditions for insight and discovery.

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