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Image Lab Art Exhibit: TEST ME

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When: Through December 5, 2015

Location: 1st floor (west end of building by the Entrepreneurs' Resource Clinic), Discovery Building



On exhibit through December 5, 2015, at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery’s Image Lab, Lynda Barry’s interdisciplinary work space © 2015, Chris Maddox

These marking test materials, taken from art supply and book stores, are ever-present in my studio. One day they amuse, inspire, surprise and delight. The next they may provoke no feeling at all, or worse a swell of despair, a sense of futility, or a refusal. It’s a matter of how my mind is aligned at the moment. But also a function of chance – If my memories have shaken into an arrangement that allows a beautiful connection to be made with a test-page, there is insight. Perhaps joy. If not, it feels like fishing in a lifeless pond. At such times, I may have to put them out of sight, or to ask myself a new question about them. The perception of beauty active in this process is conditional – requiring a certain balance of both perfection and imperfection, a particular state of mind, and alignment of cultural conditions.