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Wiscanzania poster

Image Lab Art Exhibit: Wiscanzania

Event Details

When: July 23 - August 4, 2014

Location: Image Lab, located in the northwest corner of the Discovery Building first floor

Cost: Free

Contact: 608-316-4676, imagelab@discovery.wisc.edu

“Wiscanzania” is a show of drawings by Seth Albertson, Seth Albertsona self-taught artist who has autism. To describe Seth as prolific would be an understatement. He works constantly, making drawings, maps and oversized paper sculptures. Seth has literally hundreds of works on paper archived at the ARTworking studio, which is where he makes much of his art.

Seth’s sculptural work is, at least in part, time based. This is because Seth makes work which surpasses the structural limitations of the materials he uses, and as a result, his work is often in a simultaneous state of growth and decomposition.

Note: Most of the show is visible from outside the building as Image Lab exhibitions are always hung in the windowed walls of the space for passersby to enjoy. The pieces facing the interior of the building are viewable during the building’s open hours: Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-10 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.-10 p.m. The Image Lab itself is only open to the public for special events.

About the Image Lab

WID’s Image Lab is a flexible, active work space dedicated to real-time creative activity to help encourage a different take on problem-solving. Led by Lynda Barry, discovery fellow, assistant professors and cartoonist, the lab hosts a variety of projects and people, emphasizing a hands-on approach to creating conditions for insight and discovery.

About ARTworking

ARTworking provides professional oriented art mentorship and training for adult artists with cognitive disabilities. The organization serves artists in its own studio workspace as well as community and private settings. It prides itself on providing specialized support to talented individuals with unique abilities in a laid-back and fun environment. ARTworking is part of Work Opportunity in Rurual Communities (WORC), a non-profit organization that has been providing community based vocational support to adults with developmental disabilities since it was founded in 1983.