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Perception exhibit photo from Jennifer Anderson

‘Perception’ Exhibit at the Image Lab

Event Details

When: May 29-31 and June 3-4

Location: 1160 (Image Lab), Discovery Building

Cost: Free and open to the public

Contact: 608-316-4676, imagelab@discovery.wisc.edu

Jennifer Anderson next to her UW-Madison Memorial Union chair sculpture. Photo by M. Spoon / WID

Jennifer Anderson next to her UW-Madison Memorial Union chair sculpture. Photo by M. Spoon / WID

Drop by the Image Lab between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. to see “Perception,” a Windgate Artist-in-Residence Exhibition from Jennifer Anderson, focusing on iconic chair forms and their recreation through mud sculpture.


Saturday, May 31, 6-9 p.m.
(Light snacks will be provided)



Jennifer Anderson’s work is a hybrid of art, craft and design. With an extensive education in all three disciplines, Anderson combines craftsmanship, form and concept to create unique pieces of furniture. While her work is rooted in tradition, it is fueled by exploration. By exploring this dichotomy, she pushes the idea of furniture beyond its more common perception, of something purely functional, and encourages people to reconsider their relationships with the objects that they use every day.

Anderson trained as a fine woodworker at the College of the Redwoods, where she spent two years studying under master craftsman, James Krenov. Her undergraduate work was completed at UC-Davis, where she studied Environmental Design. Her most recent education consists of a Master of Fine Arts degree in Furniture Design from San Diego State University, where she studied under Wendy Maruyama. Anderson divides her time between building speculative and commission pieces of furniture and teaching foundation art and furniture design classes at a variety of colleges in the San Diego area.

WID’s Image Lab is a flexible, active work space dedicated to real-time creative activity to help encourage a different take on problem-solving. Led by Lynda Barry, Discovery Fellow, assistant professor and cartoonist, the lab hosts a variety of projects and people, emphasizing a hands-on approach to creating conditions for insight and discovery.