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Qbio Seminar Series-Frank Rosenzweig

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When: April 13, 2016, 2:00 PM

Location: 3rd Floor Orchard View Room , Discovery Building

Contact: 608-316-4401, hstampfli@wisc.edu

Frank Rosenzweig

Frank Rosenzweig
Evolutionary Genetics
University of Montana

Sweet are the Uses of Adversity: Insights into adaptation and speciation using experimental evolution.

Experimental evolution under selection dates back to the dawn of modern genetics, where it helped to shape our understanding of allele and chromosome dynamics in populations under selection.
Modern experimental evolution, coupled with genomic analyses, is transforming our view of the adaptive process and the mechanisms by which major evolutionary transitions have occurred and are occurring. For example, we can now directly probe into the mechanisms underlying antagonistic pleiotropy, the origin and fate of new genes, multicellularity, and the emergence of simple community structure. We will discuss recent insights into these phenomena afforded by experiments in which we analyze the evolutionary process in real time using Bakers yeast, Chlamydomonas and E. coli.

All QBio sponsored talks take place on Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m. in the 3rd floor Orchard View room of the Discovery Building. Talks are open to the public. Access to the room is via the elevator behind Aldo’s Cafe in the Northeast corner of the building.