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SysBioM Seminar – Ying Ge

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When: March 11, 2015, 1:00 PM

Location: 1st floor (west end of building by the Entrepreneurial Resource Center), Discovery Building

Cost: Free and open to the public

Contact: 608-316-4325, plpointer@wisc.edu

Ying Ge

Ying Ge

Ying Ge, Assistant Professor-Department of Chemistry and Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology presents

Top-down Proteomics for Systems Biology: Challenges and Opportunities

Proteomics is essential for deciphering how proteins interact as a system and for understanding the functions of cellular systems in human diseases. However, the unique characteristics of the human proteome, which include the large dynamic range of protein expression and the extreme complexity resulting from a plethora of post-translational modifications (PTMs) and sequence variations, make such analyses difficult. The emerging top-down mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics, which is based on analysis of intact proteins, is arguably the most powerful method to comprehensively characterize proteoforms that arise from genetic variations, alternative splicing, and PTMs.However, top-down MS-based proteomics still faces significant challenges in terms of protein solubility, protein separation, detection of low-abundance and high-mass proteins, and under-developed software packages. Herein, we are employing a multi-pronged approach to address these challenges in a comprehensive manner by developing new MS-compatible surfactants for protein solubilization, novel materials and new strategies for multi-dimensional chromatography separation of proteins, novel nanomaterials for enrichment of low-abundance proteins, and a new comprehensive software package for top-down proteomics. We envision the technology innovations will significantly advance the burgeoning top-down proteomics field to realize its full potential for systems biology and personalized medicine.

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SysBioM Seminars are sponsored by the Systems Biology Theme in the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery and feature speakers from various disciplines of Systems Biology including, but not limited to Genetics, Biostatistics, Microbiology, and Chemical and Biological Engineering.

The talks are located on the first floor west side of the Discovery Building in the ERC Lobby.

For more information please contact plpointer “at” wisc.edu