Applications are closed for the 2017-18 academic year

To be eligible, students must be, at the time of application: a) in at least the third year of a Ph.D. program, b) in at least the third year of a SJD or a professional graduate degree (e.g., law, medicine, veterinary medicine) program, or c) be entering the final year of an MFA program (including creative writing). Students from all disciplines are welcome.

The selection committee will consider student qualifications (accomplishment in his/her discipline; a commitment to transdisciplinarity; leadership activities; and engagement in diverse cultural/social/community activities). The committee will strive to maintain a balanced set of fellows representing a maximal broad sampling of intellectual areas represented at UW. The program values the ability to engage in open-minded, synthetic thought and intellectual excellence.


The application requests the following information:

  • An accessible summary of your research, professional degree focus or MFA work (maximum of 250 words)
  • An explanation of why you want to become a Kohler Fellow (maximum of 250 words)
  • A statement describing your understanding of and commitment to inter- and trans- disciplinary engagement (maximum of 200 words)
  • A list of professional and academic leadership experiences (maximum of 200 words)
  • A summary of your cultural, social or community activities (maximum of 200 words)
  • A Curriculum Vitae

You will also be asked to provide contact information for your advisor who will be contacted to provide a letter of support/recommendation.

Contact John Benson with any questions.