Program details


The program grows out of a vibrant residential graduate student community located for many years in the Knapp House on Gilman Street. Marie Christine Kohler Fellows lived at the Knapp House and organized a variety of campus and community events with interdisciplinary themes. Among the signature events were monthly seminar dinners at the Knapp House with invited speakers and an evening meal prepared by the fellows. Starting in 2012, the residential component of the fellowship could no longer be sustained due to complications with the Knapp House building. In 2013, the program was reinvigorated through the current partnership between WID and the Graduate School.


Privileges and Responsibilities

Marie Christine Kohler Fellows @ WID are expected to spend time at the Institute on an ongoing basis and to develop and maintain mechanisms for ensuring meaningful intellectual discussions with one another (e.g., through scheduled, weekly meetings) and with other students, fellows and faculty in WID. A major responsibility of fellows is to arrange activities (e.g., seminars, exhibitions, performances) for the campus community. A textual, pictorial or cinematic summary of each activity will be put on WID’s website to make the fruits of these efforts available to the larger campus community.

Fellows receive an annual stipend and a budget to support Kohler @ WID events, including funds for food and refreshments. Fellows have access to the Institute in the Discovery Building and are invited to participate in regular WID events such as community lunches, Discovery Seminars and Tea @ 3. The WID administrative team will be available to assist with organizing seminar-dinners and other activities. Marie Christine Kohler Fellows @ WID are appointed for one year and can be renewed for a maximum of three years.

Contact John Benson with questions.