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Slide Modern society is challenged by balancing the power of big data and its analysis with issues of privacy, equity, and safety. Safe use of data science includes making sure black-box solutions and machine learning methods also come with some certifiable guarantees that they will be unbiased, robust to uncertainties, and immune to deliberate attempts to compromise these properties. As data collection accelerates and use of data becomes increasingly tied to power and financial gain, WID data scientists are studying ways to ensure ethical and safe use of data that protect privacy and prevent bias. A new era of data requires a fresh look at equity. Much of WID's research contributes to the Data Equity Grand Challenge.
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WID alumnus awarded first AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship in the U.S. Department of the Treasury WID News WID and Saha Lab alumnus, and current postdoc at the Morgridge Institute for Research, Amritava Das anticipates that he will put his engineering and bioscience training to use exploring the sometimes knotty connections between science, national security, and finance. Continue Reading UW researchers join three national artificial intelligence institutes WID News Institute for Future Edge Networks and Distributed Intelligence (AI-EDGE) led by Robert Nowak, UW–Madison professor of electrical and computer engineering and researchers at Ohio State. Continue Reading NSF Supports Interdisciplinary Pandemic Prevention Workshops WID News WID's John Yin is part of a team assembling February workshops on predictive intelligence for pandemic prevention. Continue Reading Heatmap of wisconsin Thompson Center Badgercast: Michael Ferris Wisconsin Stories WID's Michael Ferris joined the Thompson Center on Public Leadership to discuss a data-based planning tool called “Wisconsin Expansion of Renewable Electricity with Optimization under Long-term Forecasts” (WEREWOLF) he developed with Thompson Center faculty research funding. Continue Reading Professor Stephen Wright Announced Winner of the Test of Time Award at 2020 NeurIPS Conference WID News Professor of Computer Sciences at WID Stephen Wright and three colleagues were announced winners of the prestigious Test of Time Award at the 2020 Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems. Continue Reading Stained cells with Pompe disease Researchers Design New Strategy for Gene Therapy Development Featured Science A promising platform developed by the Saha Lab at WID advances the CRISPR genome editing field and could lead to effective treatments for many diseases. Continue Reading

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