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Slide WID teams are dedicated to ensuring broad access to science, inspiring young people of all backgrounds to pursue careers in science. Our approach is to unite scientists and a diverse public through the fusion of art, technology, entrepreneurship, and science. Using modern art modes, including street art and virtual reality, WID makes the ideas of science inclusive to a broad community, encouraging citizens from all parts of society to learn more at WID and beyond. Science is for everyone. Many of WID's efforts contribute to the Science to People Grand Challenge.
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Wisconsin Students to Speak with NASA Astronauts Aboard Space Station July 13 Wisconsin Stories On July 13, hundreds of K-12 students and families from throughout Wisconsin will gather to hear directly from astronauts on the International Space Station through a live video downlink. The 20-minute call from space begins at 10 a.m. (time subject to change). Continue Reading NSF Supports Interdisciplinary Pandemic Prevention Workshops WID News WID's John Yin is part of a team assembling February workshops on predictive intelligence for pandemic prevention. Continue Reading Film image by iStockphoto Michael Graf pivots from making commercials to writing movie scripts WID News In early December the International Screenwriters’ Association named Graf, Writer in Residence in WID's Science to Script program, to its Top 25 Screenwriters To Watch In 2021. Continue Reading Photo by Lin Kristensen via Wikimedia Commons AP: Michael Graf Named an ISA Top 25 Writer to Watch in 2021 WID News WID's Science to Script Writer in Residence, Michael Graf, had been named to the International Screenwriters’ Association's top 25 writers to watch. Continue Reading Researchers at UW–Madison Lead Data Science Coalition to Aid with COVID-19 WID News WID's Data Science Hub is part of the COVID-19 Data Science Research Group that is interpreting data, using that data to create models, and sharing information and findings. Continue Reading Handelsman Talks Soil on Podcast & WUWM WID News WID Director Jo Handelsman shared a conversation on Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda and on WUWM about soil and microbes. Continue Reading

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