Lynda Barry Helps Us Imagine the Future of Education

Future of Education video transcript

Launched at WID’s first Counterfactual Campus event in October, the Drawing Board Project invites people of all ages to envision the UW–Madison of 2113. What will be different about the appearance, purpose, atmosphere and community of the campus 100 years from now? What will last through the century and prove itself to be of enduring value?

Author, Cartoonist and Discovery Fellow Lynda Barry has led workshops on basic cartooning and writing techniques to help children and adults begin to put their ideas on the page.

In this video, she shares her insights on doing the project.


Drawing Jam with Lynda Barry [photos]

Elementary visionaries: What will the future of the university look like? [photos]

Video produced by Casimir Panawash-Bielinski & Marianne Spoon