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Summer 2016 – John Yin

Hangzhou, China

John Yin

John Yin (Systems Biology) spent six weeks in Hangzhou, China teaching a CBE undergrad summer lab at Zhejiang University. Hangzhou is known in China as “heaven on earth” owing in part to the beautiful West Lake. In September, Hangzhou will host the G20 meeting of world leaders, so they were already fixing roads and replacing buses.

In his words: “It was hot and humid, so I bought a pass to swim in the local sports school, which had three large lap pools. Even at 6-7:30am, there was a 10-15min line to get in as the doors opened, and swim lanes immediately filled to 5-10 per lane, no rules like “keep right”, with family swim lessons spontaneously starting up in the middle of the lane. This was my first experience of swimming as contact sport (dodge bodies).  I now especially appreciate having a lane to myself at my neighborhood pool in University Hill Farms.”

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