Alexander Taylor

High-throughput Prediction of Drug Prescriptions

Years at WID

2018 - present


Alex Taylor comes from Memphis, TN and currently attends UW-Madison as an undergraduate.


Pursuing a degree in Computer Sciences and Bioinformatics

Research Description

Data mining and machine learning approach to analyzing Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and using the data to build predictive models at a large scale. The specific focus of this research is using this high-throughput approach to constructing random forest models that predict the prescriptions of medications.


Dean's List

Selected Publications

Christian Haenig, Nir Atias, Alexander K. Taylor, Arnon Mazza, Martin H. Schaefer, Jenny Russ, Sean-Patrick Riechers, Shushant Jain, Maura Coughlin, Jean-Fred Fontaine, Brian D. Freibaum, Lydia Brusendorf, Martina Zenkner, Martin Stroedicke, Sigrid Schnoegl, Kristin Arnsburg, Annett Boeddrich, Peter Heutink, J. Paul Taylor, Janine Kirstein, Miguel A. Andrade-Navarro, Roded Sharan, and Erich E. Wanker. Interactome mapping provides a network of neurodegenerative disease proteins and uncovers widespread protein aggregation in affected brains. submitted