Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett
330 North Orchard Street, Room 2115H-1
Madison WI 53715
Joined WID: 2015


Andrew Bennett came to The University of Wisconsin-Madison to pursue a Ph.D. after researching viral immunology at Drexel University, and then emerging infectious disease ecology at Tulane University. His research has taken him to Sierra Leone, Peru, Uganda, and Mexico. Ask him about how he ranks the cuisine. It may surprise you.


B.S., Cornell University

Research Description

Andrew Bennett’s research investigates the ecology and epidemiology of emerging viral zoonoses. He seeks to understand the upstream drivers of emerging infections through the study of viral dynamics in human and animal populations. Andrew has worked to improve differential diagnostics for hemorrhagic fevers and respiratory illnesses in West Africa and Latin America, and currently researches the ecological dynamics of emerging viruses in African bat populations. He has a a passion for capacity building in resource-limited settings, and experience implementing advanced laboratory diagnostics, as well as safe and effective surveillance methods, for a broad range of high-impact viruses in the developing world.