Brian Yandell

Brian Yandell
Co-lead of Data Science Hub ( Research on systems genetics.

Years at WID

2017 - present


Brian Yandell grew up in California but has lived in Wisconsin now for most of his life.


  • B.Sc.,Mathematics, Caltech
  • M.A.,Statistics, UC-Berkeley
  • Ph.D.,Biostatistics, UC-Berkeley

Research Description

Yandell's research is primarily in systems genetics, including causal models and gene mapping (QTL), but more broadly using R for reproducible research and scaling up projects in data science. He collaborates widely with researchers across multiple disciplines.


  • Horticulture
  • Plant Breeding & Plant Genetics
  • Biometry Program (Director)


  • Thomas J. Watson, Jr., Fellow 1974-75
  • Evelyn Fix Memorial Medal 1982

Selected Publications

  • Kreznar JH, Keller MP, Traeger LL, Rabaglia ME, Schueler KL, Stapleton DS, Zhao W, Vivas EI, Yandell BS, Broman AT, Hagenbuch B, Attie AD, Rey FE (2017) Host genotype and gut microbiome modulates insulin secretion and diet-induced metabolic phenotypes. Cell Report 18 : 1739-1730.
  • Keller MP, Paul PK, Rabaglia ME, Stapleton DS, Schueler KL, Broman AT, Ye SI, Leng N, Brandon CJ, Chaibub Neto E, Plaisier CL, Simonett SP, Kebede MA, Sheynkman GM, Klein MA, Baliga NS, Smith LM, Broman KW, Yandell BS , Kendziorski C, Attie AD (2016) The transcription factor Nfatc2 regulates beta-cell proliferation and genes associated with Type 2 Diabetes in mouse and human islets. PloS Genetics 12 : e1006466.
  • Sinasac DS, Riordan JD, Spiezio SH, Yandell BS, Croniger CM, Nadeau JH (2016) Genetic control of obesity, glucose homeostasis, dyslipidemia, and fatty liver in a mouse model of diet-induced metabolic syndrome. Intl J Obesity 40: 346–355. DOI:10.1038/ijo.2015.184. PMID: 26381349.
  • Broman KW, Keller MP, Broman AT, Kendziorski C, Yandell BS, Sen S, Attie AD (2015) Identifiation and correction of sample mix-ups in expression genetic data: A case study. G3 5: 2177-2186. DOI:10.1534/g3.115.019778.
  • Tian J, Keller MP, Oler AT, Rabaglia ME, Schueler KL, Stapleton DS, Broman AT, Zhao W, Kendziorski C, Yandell BS, Hagenbuch B, Broman KW, Attie AD (2015) Identification of the Bile Acid Transporter Slco1a6 as a Candidate Gene that Broadly Affects Gene Expression in Mouse Pancreatic Islets. Genetics 202: DOI:10.1534/genetics.115.183624; PubMed PMID: 26385979.
  • Chaibub Neto E, Broman AT, Keller MP, Attie AD, Zhang B, Zhu J, Yandell BS (2013) Modeling causality for pairs of phenotypes in system genetics. Genetics 193: 1003-1013. PMID: 23288936
  • Chaibub Neto E, Keller MP, Broman AF, Attie AD, Jansen RC, Broman KW, Yandell BS (2012) Quantile-based permutation thresholds for QTL hotspots. Genetics 191: 1355-1365. PMC3416013
  • Manichaikul A, Moon JY, Sen S, Yandell BS, Broman KW (2009) A model selection approach for the identification of quantitative trait loci in experimental crosses. Genetics 181: 1077-1086. PMC2651044