Evelyn Galindo-Doucette

Evelyn Galindo-Doucette
330 North Orchard Street
Madison WI 53715
Room 2110

Years at WID

2014 - present


Evelyn is part of a large diaspora of Salvadorans who migrated to the United States during the war in El Salvador in the 1980s. These early experiences of war and emigration have fueled her passion for researching the profound effects of political violence and repression including trauma, memory, and issues of identity in the cultural and literary production of Central America.


  • B.A., History, Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies, Spanish, Education, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • M.S., Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin–Whitewater
  • M.A., Spanish, Northern Illinois University
  • Ph.D., Spanish (in progress), University of Wisconsin–Madison

Research Description

Evelyn’s research interests include memory, human rights, and “postwar” cultural and literary production in the Central American isthmus and especially in El Salvador. Her dissertation research focuses on constructions of memory and human rights including monuments, commemorations, public space, artwork, graffiti, fiction, testimony, film and performance.


  • Stuart Daily Seeds of Learning Scholarship, 2014
  • Social Science Research Council Dissertation Proposal Development Fellow, 2013
  • UW-Madison Tinker-Nave Fellow, 2012
  • Honored Instructor Award, UW Madison Housing, 2012
  • UW-Madison Chancellor’s Fellowship, 2011-12
  • Sigma Delta Pi Gabriela Mistral Award, 2010
  • Northern Illinois University Outstanding Woman Student Award, 2010

Selected Publications

  • Galindo-Doucette, Evelyn. “Las Herederas De La Tempestad.” Reseña, Identidades 6. (2014): 55-64.
  • Galindo-Doucette, Evelyn. “La Imaginación Global Y La Ética Cosmopolita En El Asco De Horacio Castellanos Moya.” UCA Realidad 134 (2012): 553-65.
  • Galindo-Doucette, Evelyn. “Plotting the Past in the Present: Reflections on the UCA in Post-War El Salvador.” Revista Istmo Denison 25-26 (2014): n. pag. Spring 2014.
  • Galindo-Doucette, Evelyn. Memoria y literatura, contrACultura.com.sv, 2014.
  • Galindo-Doucette, Evelyn. La (pos)memoria salvadoreña: Una conversación, contrACultura.com.sv, 2014.
  • Galindo-Doucette, Evelyn. La Cabuda Cartonera, contrACultura.com.sv, 2014.
  • Galindo-Doucette, Evelyn. “Suspicion Surrounds Salvadoran Presidential Elections” Truthout.org, 2014
  • Galindo-Doucette, Evelyn. “Why the US Should Care About El Salvador’s Presidential Elections on Sunday” Truthout.org, 2014