Fulya Akpinar

Fulya Akpinar
Graduate Student, Systems Biology

Years at WID

2011 - present2014


In 2009, Fulya Akpinar completed her undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering Department at Middle East Technical University in Turkey. In her third year, she worked as an intern in quality control laboratories of the pharmaceutical company BAYER-Istanbul. As a senior, Akpinar worked in a computational catalysis research group on a computational project about the xylanase activity on xylan molecules.


  • B.S.,  Chemical Engineering, Middle East Technical University –Turkey

Research Description

Virus infection does not only produce viable infectious viruses, but also defective interfering particles (DIPs). DIPs interfere with infectious virus production and reduce the infectivity of the viruses. This interference ability makes them a potential tool to control the virus infection and fight against the virally infectious diseases. Fulya Akpinar studies how DIPs interfere with infection using quantitative measurement techniques and incorporating the results from these measurements into mathematical models. These models can allow the prediction of virus growth behavior in the presence of DIPs and can be used to design DIP-based antiviral treatments.