Gail Casper

Gail Casper
Senior Scientist
330 North Orchard Street
Madison WI 53715
Room 3114

Use visualization to explore technologies to support management of health and illness in the home.

Years at WID

2013 - present


  • B.S.N., Nursing, Marquette University
  • M.S., Nursing, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Ph.D., Nursing, Case Western Reserve University
  • Postdoctorate, Medical Informatics, Regenstrief Institute for Health Care

Research Description

Gail Casper designs and evaluates technologies targeted to patients and healthcare providers to improve care in the home. She is also Deputy Director of the National Program Office for Project HealthDesign, a RWJF–funded initiative designed to stimulate the next generation of personal health records.


American Medical Informatics Association

Selected Publications

  • Casper, G.R., Brennan, P.F. (2013). Project HealthDesign: A preliminary program-level report. AMIA Annual Conference, Fall, 2013.
  • Backonja, U., Kim, K., Casper, G.R., Patton, T., Ramly, E., Brennan, P.F. (2012). Observations of Daily Living: Putting the “personal” in Personal Health Records. Proceedings of NI 2012, Montreal.
  • Valdez, R., Burke, L.J., Casper, G.R., Sturgeon, B.A., Rosmait, C., Palzkill, D., Hamann, D., Murphy, J., Brennan, P.F. (2012). Service desk calls in a home-based clinical informatics study: Supporting end users in the field. Proceedings of NI 2012.
  • Brennan, P.F., Casper, G.R., Burke, L.J., Johnson, K.A., Brown, R., Valdez, R.S., et al. (2010). Technology-enhanced practice for patients with chronic cardiac disease: Home implementation and evaluation. Heart Lung, 39(65), Nov./Dec., S34-S46.
  • Brennan, P.F., Downs, S., Gasper, G.R. (2010). Project HealthDesign: Rethinking the power and potential of personal health records. Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 43(5), Suppl. 1, Oct., S3-S5.
  • Brennan, P.F., Casper, G.R., Downs, S., Aulakh, V. (2009). Project HealthDesign: Enhancing action through information. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics; 146: 214-218.
  • Or, C.K., Valdez, R.S., Casper, G.R., Carayon, P., Burke, L.J., Brennan, P.F., Karsh, B-T, (2009). Human factors and ergonomics in home care: Current concerns and future considerations for health information technology. Work, 33(2), 201-209.
  • Casper, G.R., Brennan, P.F., Burke, L.J., Nicolalde, D. (2009). HeartCareII: Patients’ use of a home care web resource. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 146, 139-143.