Jagadeeswaran Deventhiran

Jagadeeswaran Deventhiran
Synergistic effect between pathogenic bacteria and Rhinovirus in asthma exacerbations

Years at WID

2015 - present2018


  • B.V.Sc. & A.H. (equivalent to DVM), Tanuvus, India
  • M.P.H., Virginia Tech
  • Ph.D., Molecular Virology, Virginia Tech

Research Description

Jagadeeswaran Deventhiran focuses on respiratory viral infections and systems biology.


American Society for Virology

Selected Publications

  • Athmaram, T. N., S. Harini, J. Deventhiran, D. Cao, A. V. Backiyalakshmi, D. Kambiranda, T. LeRoith, C. L. Heffron, N. Lindstrom, K. Hall, P. Jobst, C.Sexton, X.J. Meng, S. Elankumaran (2015). A novel bat origin orthoreovirus transmitted through porcine blood meal is associated with the epidemic piglet diarrhea in the United States. mBio 6(3):e00593-15. PMID: 25991685.
  • Srinivasan, P., J. Deventhiran, R. Manoharan, T. Giri, G. A. Balasubramaniam, and P. Balachandran (2013). Prevalence and etiology ofsubclinical mastitis among buffaloes (Bubalus bubalus) in Namakkal, India. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences: PBJS 16:1776-80. PMID: 24506047.
  • Smith, E. A., S. R. Kumar, J. Deventhiran, T. E. Cecere, T. Leroith, M. McGillard, S. Elankumaran, and I.K. Mullarky (2011). A time course for susceptibility to Staphylococcus   aureus   respiratory   infection   during Influenza   in   a   swine   model. Influenza Research and Treatment 2011:846910. PMID: 23074662.