Katie Mueller

Katie Mueller
In vitro modeling of CAR T cell cytotoxicity, activation, and exhaustion.


Katie Mueller grew up in Colorado but found a home in Wisconsin as an undergrad at Lawrence University, where she studied a highly practical combination of biology, biochemistry, and opera performance. When she’s not in the research lab, she loves singing, dancing, and outdoor adventures.


  • BA, Biology/Biochemistry, Lawrence University
  • BM, Voice Performance, Lawrence University

Research Description

My lab focuses on developing CRISPR gene editing technology for human health applications. In particular, I'm focusing on using CRISPR for CAR T cell immunotherapy. CAR T cells are engineered lymphocytes featuring synthetic chimeric antigen receptors (CARs), which can be designed to target antigens that are specific to cancer. These cells then preferentially recognize and kill the malignancy, while leaving the patient's healthy tissues intact. To make CAR T cells, patient's lymphocytes are collected from their blood, engineered ex vivo, and infused back into the body, and the CAR can be introduced into the T cell in a variety of ways (often through viral vectors). I'm interested in applying CRISPR technology for the gene editing step, with the goal of creating and selecting for more homogenous and cytotoxic T cell populations, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.


Biotechnology Training Program


Phi Beta Kappa