Matthew Vivirito

I construct physical and conceptual artworks in response to the world we reside upon.


Matthew Vivirito was born in central Illinois as the third of seven children. He spent his adult life living in Colorado before receiving a BA in Art History and BFA of Studio.


  • BA, Art History, University of Colorado Boulder
  • BFA, Sculpture and Post Studio Practice, University of Colorado Boulder
  • MFA, Sculpture, University of Wisconsin Madison (in progress)

Research Description

I consider making art to be as much of a public service as a personal practice. For myself, this evolves from investigations of material, place, community and memory. It is a balance between material and aesthetic interests with socially conscious and community oriented projects. Both are reflective of empathic values towards the human and nonhuman inhabitants of the world. In order to examine our presence in the world as humans, individuals, communities, and cultures the projects I create allow for empathic projection and meaning to be extracted from within. I see my work as a reflection of my own personal history, of the world I have experienced. It is both poetic and repetitive, a cyclical representation of history and self.


  • Teaching Assistant
  • Marie Christine Kohler Fellow