Rush Dhillon

Rush Dhillon
Mechanisms underlying biochemical and physiological adaptations within the mitochondria.

Years at WID

2014 - present


  • B.Sc., Environmental Biology, University of Alberta
  • M.Sc., Watershed Ecosystems Graduate Studies, Trent University
  • PhD., Biology, Queen’s University

Research Description

Rush Dhillon’s research uses a comparative approach to examine the physiological and biochemical response of organisms to stressors. Specifically, he looks at aerobic and anaerobic pathways of metabolism in response to stress, and their implications for mitochondrial respiration. Currently, the focus of his research is to examine how acetylation and cellular redox status regulate mitochondrial metabolism and components of the electron transport system.


Canadian Society of Zoologists

Selected Publications

  • R.S. Dhillon, L. Yao, V. Matey, B. Chen, A. Zhang, Z. Cao, S. Fu, C.J. Brauner, Y.S. Wang, and J.G. Richards. 2013. Interspecific differences in hypoxia-induced gill remodeling in carp. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 86: 727-739.
  • [co-first author] Antilla, K., R.S. Dhillon, E.G. Boulding, A.P. Farrell, B.D. Glebe, J.A.K. Elliott, W.R. Wolters, and P.M. Schulte. 2013. Variation in temperature tolerance among families of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) is associated with hypoxia tolerance, ventricle size and myoglobin level. Journal of Experimental Biology, 216: 1183-1190.
  • Brauner, C.J., V. Matey, W. Zhang, J.G. Richards, R.S. Dhillon, Z.D. Cao, Y.X. Wang, and S.J. Fu. (2011). Gill remodeling in crucian carp during sustained exercise and the effect on subsequent swimming performance. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 84: 535-542.
  • Dhillon, R.S. and P.M. Schulte (2011). Interspecific variation in the thermal plasticity of mitochondria in killifish. Journal of Experimental Biology, 214: 3639-3648.
  • Fu, S.J., C.J. Brauner, Z.D. Cao, J.G. Richards, J.L. Peng, R.S. Dhillon, Y.X. Wang. (2011). The effect of acclimation to hypoxia and sustained exercise on subsequent hypoxia tolerance and swimming performance in goldfish (Carassius auratus). Journal of Experimental Biology, 214: 2080-2088.
  • Dhillon, R.S., A.J. Esbaugh, Y.X. Wang, and B.L. Tufts. 2009. Effect of heat stress on the heat shock response and myosin heavy chain in juvenile walleye (Sander vitreus). Journal of Fish Biology, 75: 1048-1062.
  • Madison, B.N., R.S. Dhillon, B.L. Tufts, and Y.X. Wang. 2009. Exposure to low concentrations of dissolved ammonia promotes growth rate in walleye Sander vitreus. Journal of Fish Biology 74: 872-890.
  • Dhillon, R.S. and M.G. Fox. 2007. Growth-independent effects of a fluctuating thermal regime on the life-history traits of the Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes). Ecology of Freshwater Fish 16: 425-431.