Simon Smith

Simon Smith


Simon Smith has been a Madison resident for the past 11 years. He received his B.A. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, along with a certificate in Digital Studies. He likes to use programming to automate and improve existing tasks wherever possible. He has done research on consumer preferences using Amazon reviews, and is currently working on projects involving 3D scanning and virtual reality navigation. In his spare time he dabbles in music and art of all varieties.


B.A., Computer Science, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Research Description

Analyzing the Impact of Virtual Reality and 3D Capture Technology on Crime Scene Investigation (Ponto Lab):
In collaboration with the Dane County Sheriff's Office, this project will deliver a formal cost/benefit analysis of using 3D capture technology compared to traditional means when investigating crime scenes. It will also provide an evaluation of how the extension of VR technologies impacts the presentation and analysis of 3D captured crime scenes.

Virtual Brain Project (Schloss Lab):
How can perceptual cues help people learn to navigate novel virtual environments? How can immersive virtual reality be used for neuroscience education? This project will build a Virtual Brain that serves as a “virtual laboratory” for studying the role of color cues in virtual navigation. The project will also evaluate its role as an educational tool.


  • Virtual Environments Group
  • Ponto Lab
  • Schloss Lab