Stephen Robinson

Stephen Robinson
Emeritus Faculty, Optimization

Years at WID

2011 - present2015


  • B.A., Mathematics, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • M.S., Mathematics, New York University
  • Ph.D., Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Diploma, U.S. Army War College

Research Description

Stephen Robinson’s research is in the development of quantitative methods for making the best use of scarce resources, which is part of the broad category of operations research methods. Within that category, he works particularly on nonlinear and stochastic optimization methods for both optimization and equilibrium problems, trying both to develop the underlying theory and to find better numerical methods for solving applied problems. Robinson has developed algorithms for deterministic nonlinear problems, as well as sample-path algorithms for stochastic optimization problems. His recent work has focused especially on the mathematical properties of solutions of variational conditions, considered as functions of the data appearing in those conditions. For these problems he is working on efficient reparametrization methods for problem expression, on implicit-function methods for representing solutions as functions of the data, and on conditions to ensure Lipschitz continuity of solutions. Using these tools Robinson is also developing numerical methods for efficient solution of variational conditions, based on generalized linearization among other techniques.


  •  Doctor honoris causa, 1996, Universität Zürich, Switzerland
  • Byron Bird Award, 1996, College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • George B. Dantzig Prize, 1997, Mathematical Programming Society and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • John K. Walker, Jr. Award, 2001, Military Operations Research Society
  • Fellow of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), 2004
  • Member of the National Academy of Engineering, 2008
  • National Associate of the National Research Council, 2008
  • Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), 2009

Selected Publications

  • S. Lu and S. M. Robinson, Normal fans of polyhedral convex sets: Structures and connections, accepted by Set-Valued Analysis
  • S. Lu and S. M. Robinson, Variational inequalities over perturbed polyhedral convex sets, accepted by Mathematics of Operations Research
  • S. M. Robinson, Solution continuity in monotone affine variational inequalities, SIAM Journal on Optimization 18 (2007) 1046-1060
  • S. M. Robinson, Strong regularity and the sensitivity analysis of traffic equilibria: A comment, Transportation Science 40 (2006) 540-542
  • J. Granger, A. Krishnamurthy, and S. M. Robinson, Rapid improvement of stochastic networks using two-moment approximations, Mathematical and Computer Modelling 43 (2006) 1038-1060
  • N. K. Stout, M. A. Rosenberg, A. Trentham-Dietz, M. A. Smith, S. M. Robinson, and D. G. Fryback, Retrospective cost-effectiveness analysis of screening mammography. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 98 (2006) 774-782
  • S. M. Robinson, Aspects of the projector on prox-regular sets, in: F. Giannessi and A. Maugeri, eds., Variational Analysis and Applications, pp. 963-973. Springer SBM, New York, 2005
  • S. M. Robinson, A linearization method for nondegenerate variational conditions, Journal of Global Optimization 28 (2004) 405-417