Steven Manos

Steven Manos
330 North Orchard Street, Room 3235F-1
Madison WI 53715
Preferred pronouns: he/him/his
Joined WID: 2021

Chemical ecosystem selection as the basis for the origins of life


Steven Manos is a fourth-year undergraduate at UW-Madison who grew up in Illinois. He enjoys making music, exercising, and spending time outside.


BS, Biology & Political Science, University of Wisconsin–Madison (in progress)

Research Description

Steven is assisting with an empirical study that is investigating the potential origins of life on Earth. The experiment will involve monitoring solutions containing chemicals and minerals present in the primordial Earth as they are incubated and serially diluted. By analyzing the contents and properties of these solutions after multiple generations, the researchers will be able to determine whether or not mutual catalysis and chemical selection seems to have taken place. These results will provide insights into the plausibility of chemical ecosystem selection as a mechanism for assemblage of organic molecules into life forms.