Talia Sankari

Talia Sankari
330 North Orchard Street, Room 3235E-2
Madison WI 53715
Preferred pronouns: she/her/hers
Joined WID: 2019

Origins of Life Project


Talia Sankari is a senior majoring in Anthropology and Spanish along the pre-med track. She is from a suburb of Chicago but is a first generation Syrian-American and speaks Arabic at home. Her interests include music, history, reading, travel, and evolutionary biology/anthropology


B.S., Anthropology, Spanish, pre-med, University of Wisconsin–Madison (in progress)

Research Description

My research experience has revolved primarily around Biological Anthropology. I assisted research in 2017 at the paleoanthropological digsite of Swartkrans Cave, South Africa, finding both hominin-made lithics dating back 110,000 years and assorted faunal fossil assemblages dating to 2.5 million years. In the Spring of 2019 I worked in the McFarland lab conducting primate research on the mating patterns of South African Chacma baboons. My evolutionary interest now takes me to the chemical and biological side of things, as I am extremely excited to be assisting the research of Dr. David Baum on the origins of life project.