Chris Racey

Chris Racey

Chris Racey

Research Associate, Living Environments Laboratory

Years Active



  • B.S., Psychology 1st Class Hons, Loughborough University
  • Erasmus Exchange, Cognitive Science, Maastricht University
  • M.S., Cognitive Neuroscience Distinction, University of York
  • Ph.D., Cognitive Neuroscience, University of York


Chris is from Yorkshire in the north of England, he likes Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Board Games, Video games, Running, Swimming, Cycling and Squash. He’s also been known to drink the occasional smokey whiskey, sing karaoke, and is engaged in a constant struggle not to be terrible at playing the guitar.

Research Description

Chris Racey’s background is in visual neuroscience and fMRI. He is interested in color cognition and the neural representation of color. Color is a useful model system for understanding the visual system and neural processing generally, it is also a key behaviorally relevant feature of the world. His research investigates various aspects of color processing, including color preference, color naming, and low level visual representations, using behavioral, psychophysical and neuroimaging methods.