The Epigenetics group at WID examines how the epigenome — the layer of chemical information that sits on top of the genome — switches genes ‘on’ or ‘off’ and is controlled by outside factors such as lifestyle and diet. Research in this area focuses on the molecular, chemical and physical basis underlying epigenetic mechanisms and serves as the campus hub to foster interdisciplinary collaborations with basic and translational research in epigenetics and chromatin function.


Our research focuses on the molecular basis for epigenetic phenomena and utilizes genomic, proteomic and biochemical methods to reveal novel epigenetic information and mechanisms.

We have created an interactive environment that fosters inter-lab and interdisciplinary collaboration, and encourages visiting scientists to engage with our research enterprise.

We are investigating how extrinsic factors (diet, small-molecules, metabolism and environmental factors) influence the epigenome and control cellular decisions.

We are developing new technologies to uncover and interrogate the epigenetic code written in chemical tags.


Our theme reaches out to multidisciplinary colleagues on campus and beyond through epigenetics.wisc.edu.

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