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The Field Day Lab team partners with teachers, schools, districts, and CESAs statewide to co-host workshops around our core themes: games, simulations, learning through design, and field research. We contribute our design, artistic, and educational know-how to grow grassroots learning communities that value collaboration, risk-taking, and play. We invite workshop proposals from educators and institutions interested in joining our cross-disciplinary team as we explore play, learning, design, and research. If you’re interested in a workshop partnership, please contact us. Our Educational Director Jim Mathews will be in touch with you!

Game Demo Fridays

12:30pm every Friday

Sign up at Google Groups for updates on cancellations and changes in location as well as weekly email on what will be demoed:!forum/gamedemofriday


Upcoming Events

4.12.2016 – WEMTA: Mobile Game Creation in the Maker Era, Wisconsin Dells, WI

4.15.2016 & 4/16/2016 – Engineering Expo, Madison, WI

4.19.2016 – UW Geospacial Summit: Siftr, Madison, WI

4.21.2016 & 4.22.2016 – WSST:  Atomtouch, Siftr, ARIS

4.22.2016 – CESA 9 Tech Integrators Meeting, Tomahawk, WI

5.10.2016 – CESA 4 District Administrators Meeting, West Salem, WI

7.22.2016 & 7.23.2016 – Startup EDU Weekend

8.8.2016 thru 8.12.2016 – Environmental Science Agency, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

8.16.2016 – ARIS Global Summit
Field Day leads the annual workshop of ARIS educators as part of the Playful Learning Summit and Games+Learning+Society Conference.

8.17.2016 thru 8.19.2016 – GLS

12.6.2016 & 12.7.2016 – SLATE Conference

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