Image Lab

WID’s Image Lab is a flexible classroom space dedicated to real-time creative activity to help encourage a different take on problem-solving.

Led by Lynda Barry, Discovery Fellow, assistant professor of interdisciplinary creativity and cartoonist, the Lab hosts a variety of projects and people, emphasizing a hands-on approach to creating conditions for insight and discovery.

Select groups and classes meet in the Image Lab to work on projects. The Lab is only open to the public at specific times for workshops and drawing jams, which are listed on the WID events page.

View Barry’s poster for the Image Lab.

Visit Barry’s Tumblr page, The Near-Sighted Monkey.

Check out photos of Barry’s Stealth Sculpture Project in WID’s workspace in the Discovery Building.

Previous Projects

"What is a storm?" exhibit photo by Christian Inouye / WID




We Met in the Elevator

The Wild Bunch Rides Again

What is a Storm?

Meeting of the Minds

Drawing Spring 


Image-Lab-fast-slow-webThe Counterfactual Drawing Board Project invites participants to envision the UW–Madison of 2113. What will be different about the appearance, purpose, atmosphere and community of the campus 100 years from now? What will last through the century and prove itself to be of enduring value?

In the Mind’s Eye by Angela Richardson, MFA graduate from UW–Madison’s Art Department. Visit her Tumblr page, The Great Ravelled Knot, to learn more about the project and see current drawings.


Room 1160 on the first floor (northwest corner), Discovery Building (map)

The Image Lab is only open to the public for specific events.


For questions about the Image Lab, contact us.