Page Lab

Lab Leader:  David Page, Professor of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics


Research goals

David Page

David Page works on algorithms for data mining and machine learning, and their applications to biomedical data, especially clinical and high-throughput genetic and other molecular data. Of particular interest are inductive logic programming (ILP) and other multi-relational learning techniques capable of dealing with complex data points (such as molecules or clinical histories) and producing logical rules (such as the rules below).

active_molecule(A) if:
zinc_binding_site(A,B) &
hydrogen_acceptor(A,C) &
distance(B,C,6.1) &
hydrogen_acceptor(A,D) &
distance(B,D,7.3) &
distance(C,D,2.2) &
hydrogen_acceptor(A,E) &
distance(B,E,3.9) &
distance(C,E,3.2) &
< or > active_molecule(A) if:
hydrogen_acceptor(A,C) &
hydrogen_acceptor(A,D) &
distance(C,D,4.17) &
hydrophobe(A,E) &
distance(C,E,3.38) &
distance(D,E,7.20) &
hydrophobe(A,F) &
distance(C,F,3.68) &
distance(D,F,5.41) &